Habitate For HumanityWhile seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. HFH builds simple, decent, affordable homes in partnership with God’s people in need.

Let me tell you a bit about how a family becomes eligible for a HFH home. First, they have to show a need and then must be capable of paying monthly on a mortgage, so must have a job and last but not least be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity meaning they must actually work on the home themselves during the build. So with that said, this is what’s happening in our local area of North Myrtle Beach.

During March 2015, HFH will be starting a home on route 90 by the IGA grocery and they will need some volunteers from ODPC, other churches and local businesses and folks looking to help in some way to provide a family in need of this home. Construction will take place during the week and on Sat from 8 am-2 pm normally. When you first arrive each day you need to be on time and a meeting will be conducted on the day’s happenings, safety and training required. We have lots of information that can be provided to you from HFH in regards to what to wear, what to bring etc. etc. Please see our reception at ODPC for copies of this information. Volunteers will not be required each and every day as when the professionals are there for electrical, plumbing for example a minimum of volunteers will be required if any.

At our reception, applications and release forms which must be completed in advance along with other contact information available for your reading and hopefully your volunteer acceptance for assisting HFH in building this NMB home. Also on line via the internet there is all this information including applications etc. for easy and convenient contacting of HFH. You can apply via e-mail as well. For this info please go to www.habitatmb.org and view construction sites, safety videos and they like. You can call 843-650-8815 and ask for Herdie Mathews, director of volunteers for additional information.

In summary, HFH needs your help so let’s take this opportunity to serve our Lord in assisting a family in need of a home. Just drop by our OPDC reception and or contact HFH via telephone or internet on how to sign up and help.

See you at the job site!!!!!!