Ocean Drive’s Session is excited about joining ECO – The Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians. Below are a series of interviews with various ECO pastors and church elders who testify about the benefits to their churches and to the communities they serve with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you an ODPC member, please set your calendar for September 27th, the date Ocean Drive will vote to join ECO and sever its ties with the PCUSA.

Here is an interview with Rev. Dr. Jay Lee, Executive Pastor of Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas TX, one of the largest Presbyterian churches in the nation. Dr. Lee was born in Seoul South Korea and has a passion for discipleship and missions to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He volunteers nationally in ECO helping the Presbyterian denomination develop, plan and manage various mission projects around the world.

Next is an interview with Rev. Brian Stewart, Pastor of Evangelism and Missions at The First Presbyterian Church of Greenville SC.

Here is a shortened version shown to the ODPC congregation on Sunday, August 30, 2015.

Next is an 18 minute interview with Mr. Jim Dameron, a former Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church member.  Jim now serves as an Elder at The First Presbyterian Church in Florence, SC.  Mr. Dameron served there as an Elder during the transition to ECO from the PCUSA in Florence, and shares the before and after experience.

Here is a shortened version of the same interview shown to the Ocean Drive Congregation on Sunday, August, 16, 2015.

Here are comments by Dr. Eric Jacobsen, Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Tacoma WA, the first church to join the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians.

More interviews will be added to this page in the weeks ahead.