Join us on Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 9:00am or 11:00am for Come Touch the Robe, Ocean Drive’s Easter Cantata.

Come Touch the Robe allows us to encounter the Christ of healing, glory, authority, humility, and victory! This presentation of the Gospel uses the simple garment that Jesus wore as a thematic device to recount the interaction of those who were with Him during His last days on Earth. To a suffering woman, His robe conveyed divine healing. On the mountaintop, the robe shone and filled the disciples’ eyes with His glory and authority.

When Jesus laid His garment aside in the upper room, it displayed His humility as a servant. At the tomb, the grave clothes He left behind help us experience His resurrection and the victory over death.

It is through our understanding of these personal, touching moments that our hearts are fully prepared to meet Jesus in an intimate way, allowing us to experience the healing, the glory, and the power of Christ, and to rejoice in the stirring celebration of the resurrection of the Lamb of God.

Join the Ocean Drive Drama Team, Chancel Choir and Orchestra for Come Touch The Robe!